Clean eating designed for results
Metabolic balance offers you a solution to eat healthily, improve your metabolism and gently adjust your weight.
Experience the power of
food as medicine

You can achieve the following results with your personal, counseled metabolic balance programme


Weight loss


Long term weight goal


Energy Boost


Increase Productivity


Beautiful skin


Increase Focus

How it works


In the short preparation phase, after an introductory consultation, a blood sample will be taken and analyzed.  Your individual nutritional plan is then generated based on this analysis.

During the strict adjustment phase (a minimum of 2 weeks) your body adjusts to the new, healthy nutrition.  You will notice the change in your weight and wellbeing.

In the following eased adjustment phase you will carefully test food items so far excluded from your plan.  This will help you find the optimal nutrition for you.  You will continue to observe additional changes in weight and wellbeing.

The maintenance phase is indefinite and starts when you are content with your new weight and wellbeing.  You sustain your achievement with the continued observation of the basic rules of nutrition and exercise with which you are already familiar.

Client stories

Lost ± 132 kg

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