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“He who cures a disease may be the skillfulnest, but he that PREVENTS it is the safest physician” Thomas Fuller

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Our program is not a diet; it is a lifestyle – adjusting program helping you to look, feel and function better.

We aim at rebalancing the bodily functions in order to improve our general feeling of wellbeing and health.

We approach your health and weight challenges in a holistic manner.

We do not count calories, but we teach you to regulate the chemical reactions in your body that drive your metabolism by the way you interact with food.

Centimeter loss, especially around the tummy area, is just as important as overall body weight loss.

We do not make use of injections, pills, powders, shakes or protein bars to achieve the metabolic balance in your body instead; we rely on healthy, fresh foods, bought from your local grocery store, to twig the chemical imbalances of the body.

We encourage you to follow an exercise program, but here the saying is true that more is not necessarily better, as one can never out-exercise a bad diet.

Our program maybe continued indefinitely with many health benefits the will follow.

No prescribed medicines is adjusted until the body clearly indicates that it is time to do so, in which case the adjustment or discontinuation of the medicine will be under guidance of a medical doctor.

Your program, based on your personal medical history, physical evaluation and blood test results, will no benefit your friends and family.

Everyone wanting to follow this lifestyle program must enroll separately to obtain his/ her own personal Lifestyle program.

The first two Phases of the program is strict and no alcohol or high Gi treats are permitted, but during the Third Phase we will coach you to use these treats/foods/ and drinks without upsetting the body’s chemical reactions. 

Clean eating designed for results
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